Masako Komatsu (Ms.)


小松カウンセラー 猫 笑う

Work Experience: 

*Counselor and Consultant (Komatsu Masako Mental Health Office, Nagano & Tokyo)
*Counselor and Consultant (Kuretake Mental Health Office, Nagoya)
*Instructor of communication at Communication School (Tokyo)
*Freelance Counselor, Consultant and Negotiator (mainly for students, parent-child, career and elections, in Nagano)
*News and satellite desk at News Center, Internatinal Section ( tv asahi corporation, Tokyo)

on the temporary payroll during school days:

Personal secretary and interpreter (Japanese, English, German) for a corporate lawyer (Esaki & Associates, Tokyo) 
Assistant and newswriter at the Starategic Planning Office (Kyodo News Service, Tokyo)
Assistant and newswriter for the German correspondent ("Die Welt" Tokyo Branch, Tokyo)

Summary of Past Experience:


Experienced working for news organisations. Specializing mainly in news of the day. Responsible for all foreign affairs news, sports match and daily news broadcast via satellite. Roles were in middle management both inside of the company HQ and also the enent site and the international transmit site. From the past 14 years until present, have studied for the Faculty of Medicine at University and have studied Psychology. I relocated from Tokyo to Nagano prefecture and took a work sabbatical to take care of and be a counselor to my mother who had suffered from bipolar disorder and also care of my father, who is a local politician as his political assistant. In addition counselling for individuals and consulting for companies and local associations.


Political Science of Germany, Graduate school of the University of Tokyo


Japanese (native), English, German


Counselling Orientation:

Individual counselling, Child counselling, Couple and Marriage counselling, Family counselling
Advising for untreated depressed patients
Breathing meditation and application from traditional Chinese medical science and brain science

Typical Cases addressed: 

For Adults: 
Relationships, communication problem, Depression, confused heart, pent-up emotions, cobwebs, anxiety, stress, feeling of weariness, social withdrawal, disharmony, grief, ill health (chronically or temporarily), pursuit of self-realization, carrer change, goal achievement...

For Children and adolescents:
same as the above-mentioned for adults as well as bullying and truancy issues, exam preparation, exam stress, socially withdrawn children, how to balance club and studies

For Students:
same as the above-mentioned for adults and problem for job hunting, how to write the resume, carrer counseling, nowherekid....


Counselling menu and fees: (face-to-face, online)

Individual counselling 
⇒ ¥11,000 / 90 minutes
Couples and marriage counselling
⇒ ¥16,500 / 120 minutes
Students(under 22) counselling
⇒ ¥8,800 / 90 minutes

★ Tools for online counselling
⇒ LINE, Zoom, Skype, Messenger, telephone

Payment:  "pay-first policy"

face-to-face ⇒ Cash (JPY), Credit card, PayPay, Line Pay, au Pay 
online    ⇒ credit card transactions on the internet in advance


Access to "Azumino Room" in Azumino-city, Nagano Prefecture

address: 2379-3 Meisei, Misato Azumino-city, Nagano Pref.
Access Map
Azumino Room


  Azumino Room

Access (places for cafe counselling) in Nagano

Azumino and Matsumoto area

by train, bus, car :
Cafe counseling at HOTEL BUENA VISTA  lounge "La Cafe Terraza" in Matsumoto 

by car :
Cafe counseling at "TETSUGAKU COFFEE" in Azumino

★ If you have any cafe requests in your area, please write your request and access for me when you make inquiries or make reservations from the calender (If you find 〇 or △ on it, it means that it's available to accept. Click 〇 or △, you can find a reservation form). 
Depending on your area, there could be an additional charge for transportation expenses.

★ Home-visit counselling is also available only for ladies, children, couples and family. Please feel free to inquire.

★ Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, I've been refraining from cafe (face-to-face) counselling in Tokyo area now.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

緑の葉っぱ ハート

Messages from Masako:

"for harmonious life" 
When you feel unbearably sad, suffering and you desire to escape them or face the source of your pain. I'm with you and listen honestly, attentively, lovingly to whatever you choose to discuss with me.  I also feel and sense vibrations from you as much as possible. I'm here to support you to recover your inward peace in a safe space with awareness, knowing and finding inner self, clearing your thoughts through counselling sessions. I provide a relaxed atmosphere so that you can simply relax and express yourselves freely and feel free to say whatever is on your mind. I really hope to help you recover your mental harmony and harmonious relations through my counselling sessions. When you feel that you don't have anyone to turn to, I would like to remind you that you are not alone.
Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions that you might have. I will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.
Please find here my calendar for reservation and check my available time. 




小松万佐子のカウンセリングのご予約確認(24時間対応) ※お電話によるご予約は、 電話による予約方法(フリーダイヤル)でご確認ください。 Please click here to make reservations from my calendar.